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Japandi Obsession

When Japanese minimalism meets Scandinavian design looks with focus on natural beauty and imperfection, Japandi is created. Japandi is characterized by a combination of typically bright Scandinavian woods with traditional Japanese materials like dark wood, bamboo, stoneware and paper. In Japandi, a room’s decor is reduced to essentials. Furniture design is simple and functional. At the same time there is a warm and cozy atmosphere due to the use of natural materials. Japandi focuses 100% on the function of any piece of furniture or accessory. Every piece has its own place and defined function. In this sense, Japandi is heading away from unreflected consumption and hoarding of things. Invest in special pieces and celebrate individual furniture in clean and simple shapes that are rather delicate and low, which expresses the Japanese philosophy of restraint and groundedness. Japandi’s colour palette varies between bright and cold Scandinavian hues and natural and warm Japanese colours; neutral shades of brown, beige, grey or creme often are used as the basis; details in black or anthracite create a dynamic look and additional depth. Colours such as cold mint, light blue or pink can be combined with decent and earthy tones and natural materials to maintain the typical Japandi vibes.  Adding plants following the Zen-principle “Less is more” adds a vibrant touch and some colour at the same time. Japandi style focuses on natural beauty and imperfection of handcrafted accessories and decoration. Pieces made of glass or ceramics, a wall painting with a simple, abstract motive or simple decor with plants to add some lively, green accents. Natural, structured textiles such as wool and linen create more coziness and warmth.