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EF ZIN Interiors is a residential and commercial design firm that focuses on our clients’ individual needs in order to design spaces and select details and finishes while collaborating with engineers, architects and builders. We are continuously informed about the current trends, but also understand that people have different needs, so the designs we provide are fully customised and tailored to each client in order to create spaces that reflect your personal taste and style while keeping you within budget.

We look forward to getting to know you and working with you.

Lia Marvakis
Interior Designer / Founder & Managing Director

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A bit about EF ZIN Interiors

This is EF ZIN Interiors

EF ZIN (in ancient Greek Εὖ ζῆν) comes from the words εὖ which means well and ζῆν which signifies survival, life. Therefore, EF ZIN means to live well.

Living or working in a place that elevates your mental health and fulfils your desires will boost your holistic satisfaction and well-being.

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