Our Design work


Working from home is very common these days and we really need a functional, yet pretty space in order to fulfil our duties. This room is mostly used as a home office, so a proper bed that would be there all the time wouldn’t really work. Instead, we included a trundle sofa bed that can be pulled out when guests are there. The rest of the time, it is a nicely styled couch. In this room, we added an original mid-century sideboard that has been refurbished. It provides a sense of warmth from another era as well as plenty of storage. We needed a desk with a specific size for this space that could accommodate 2 people working or studying at the same time, so we decided to create a custom one using wooden boards and attaching them with a bracket. The shelves are the same material as the desk. The colours of this room are influenced by the glorious painting of the mermaid hung above the sofa bed.