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Palm Springs Baby

Originating from the Californian city of the same name (era 1950s-60s), Palm Springs décor pairs an effortlessly chic take on mid-century modern design with a playful twist. In Australia, Palm Springs-style has cemented itself as the perfect balance between contemporary coastal living with a touch of glamour. With its foundations stemming from the clean lines of mid-century modern design, Palm Springs design focuses on easy-living in a hot desert environment with ample sunshine. Highlighting indoor-outdoor living and simple materials, Palm Springs-style hallmarks include breeze blocks which were designed to encourage passive cooling and heating in the Palm Springs desert climate. With this emphasis on the outdoors, hardy plants including palm trees and low-maintenance succulents are found both in and around the house. Indoors, you’ll often find splashes of flamingo pink, citrus yellow and ocean blues on a mostly all-white base.