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Art Deco Sweetheart

A group of French artistic innovators formed an organization called the Societé des Artistes Décorateurs (The Society of Decorative Artists- for short Art Deco ). The group was comprised of both well-known figures such as the Art Nouveau-style designer and printmaker Eugene Grasset, and the Art Nouveau architect Hector Guimard, along with emerging decorative artists and designers such as Pierre Chareau and Francis Jourdain. Art Deco’s main visual characteristics derive from repetitive use of linear and bold geometric and streamlined shapes including triangular, zigzagged, trapezoidal, chevron-patterned forms, rich colours, decadent detail work, animal prints, glam lighting, sleek materials, statement mirrors, over-the-top glam, marquetry wall coverings, natural motifs, rich woods, and strong-lined furnishings.