Our Design work


This room used to be a nursery that was really just a nursery. As this little man grew, we wanted to create a room that will last him not only during his toddler years but also his school and teenage years. To achieve that, we incorporated two pieces of furniture that will always stay in the room, even if the colours and furnishings change during the years. The black iron bed and the black iron with wooden shelves bookcase apart from the fact that define a masculine note in this room, are also very versatile and will last the test of time. To add some vintage notes, we used vintage posters for above the bed, a small gallery wall of picture frames above the fireplace and of course colours like mustard yellow, vintage blue, green and black to create a wallpaper-like wall, and a vintage chest painted blue for his toys. Lastly, we added twine string to make a memo board along the wall, and a painted height chart where photos of him will be added at every age.