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Big impact- low budget (Mid Century Christine Project)

We wanted to give the guest bedroom a face-lift but the budget was on the low side. There were a few things in the room that gave me an idea of the Christine’s style. The 2 bedside tables were the first clue. They were actually found by Christine on the side of the road. She fell in love with them and brought them home. They were covered with white adhesive tape which we took off. The wood veneer underneath wasn’t in great condition and we didn’t want to use wooden elements in this room. So the only way was PAINT. I love the magic of paint. It is the most inexpensive way to transform a piece of furniture, a room, or a house! When in doubt, PAINT! We used cream colour chalk paint and bronze spray paint for details.

Why did we use bronze paint, you ask? Because the second clue was this beautiful off-gold colour mirror Christine had in the bedroom. She always loved it, but she never knew where to put it. I think we found the perfect spot for it. We had to go with bronze colour spray paint as gold spray paint that is not too shiny is a bit hard to find. The gold Ballerina frames were also somewhere else in the house, but we moved them next to the mirror.

What else did we paint bronze? The curtain rod and the bed feet! Yes, we spray-painted the black curtain rod and the black bed feet bronze.

Another great impact, and probably my favourite part is the colour of the walls. We decided to paint all the walls this beautiful blue greyish colour from Taubmans that I created and named it “Living Dream”. Using a flat paint on the wall, like we did, you can hide all the imperfections and give it a smooth finish.

Next on the list was the bed. We wanted the bed to have a colour and be off the floor, so the previous (although creative) bedhead and base had to go. We kept the mattress and bought a very inexpensive queen bed from mydeal.

The stunning feather circle above the bed on the wall was a Marketplace find along with the coat hanger. The 2 runner rugs along with the table lamps were from IKEA.

The best find were the curtains that we found in Spotlight for $5 each (we got 2). Then Christine sewed a block out fabric on the back because they were sheer and we wanted the guests to have more privacy. The last we bought was the King quilt cover set from Target.

Here is the price break-down:

  • Chalk paint, bronze spray paint, globes, screws and hooks (Bunnings) $86.32
  • 4 litres wall paint “Living Dream” (Taubmans) $60.70
  • Bed frame (Mydeal) $189.95
  • Feather Circle (Marketplace) $50
  • Coat hanger (Marketplace) $10
  • 2 Runner Rugs (IKEA) $98
  • 2 Table Lamps (IKEA) $59.98
  • 2 Curtains (Spotlight) $10
  • King Quilt Cover set (Target) $40

Total Cost: $604.95

Have I said enough to motivate you to update your space yet??? Just remember that you don’t need a lot of money to make a big impact!


Photography: Yanni Stath

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Big impact- low budget (Mid Century Christine Project)

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